Our taxation and business advice is geared to steering a path for our clients through minefields of legislation and regulations and offering well-founded aids to their decision-making when seeking the optimum solutions to their problems. We tailor the scope of our services to the individual needs and wishes of our clients.

Here is an outline of our principal services:

Tax Returns

  • Drawing up annual financial statements and notes to the accounts
  • Preparing all business and private tax returns
  • Carrying out the accountancy work (if desired using digital slip books)
  • Payroll accounting

 Tax Arrangements

  • Forward-looking tax planning
  • Optimising tax burdens in connection with corporate acquisitions and disposals
  • Succession planning, advance settlement of rights of succession and inheritance planning
  • Company start-up advice
  • Management of trust foundations
  • International tax law

Tax Enforcement

  • Handling extrajudicial legal remedies
  • Representing clients before fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof
  • Advice and support re external audits
  • Advice in relation to tax offence cases

Business Administration Consultancy

  • Company start-ups
  • Advice on financing issues and decisions
  • Drawing up budget estimates of all kinds
  • Cost accounting and hourly rate calculations
  • Restructuring advice
  • Reporting systems and management information systems

Investment Advice and Trust Activities

  • Strategic asset growth planning
  • Asset controlling and preparation of asset and liability statements
  • Management of trust accounts
  • Holding company shares in trust
  • Upholding partners’ rights